Industry Leader

Newfield has manufactured fabrications for a variety of industries, servicing customers from around the world. Our highly trained team are equally experienced in fabricating components for large scale production and project-critical prototypes.

Through investment in advanced equipment and continuous staff development, Newfield has demonstrated itself as an industry leader and preferred manufacturing partner. Our experienced engineers and fabricators regularly produce components to meet challenging industry requirements.


Newfield is proud to have worked with customers in the following industries:

Defence (MoD)

Peak performance in the toughest conditions.


Infrastructure and rolling stock to keep you moving.

Power Generation

Minimise downtime with high-quality fabrications.

Commercial Vehicles

Trucks to buses and everything in between.


Forward-thinking solutions for a rapidly evolving industry.


Tested components for heavy loads and challenging roads.


Meeting the demands of advanced reactor technology.

White Goods

Finish and structure for modern home essentials.


Fabricating the backbone of landmark projects.


Lightweight and strong for atmosphere and beyond.


Extended service life in harsh saline conditions.

Oil & Gas

Quality and precision for safety and efficiency.

Working with you

We work with our customers to minimise cost while ensuring timely delivery and upholding rigorous quality standards – Newfield is certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001:2015. Our process and quality controls ensure that every delivery meets your exact specifications. We are also willing to adapt to any process or quality strategies that you may wish to implement.

Our engineering team will work with you to determine material selection, fabrication process, machine selection and method to manufacture the component to suit your specifications and budgetary requirements.