Industry-leading Metal Fabrication

We have 60 years of experience as an industry-leading fabrication company. From construction equipment to rail, automotive, nuclear and recycling, our expert team is relied upon in almost every sector. We offer a range of quality metal fabrication and welding services in line with IATF 16949 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Continuous Investment

Training and technology has placed us at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry and established our reputation as a preferred manufacturing partner for many blue chip clients. Our fabrications meet stringent internal quality control, and we are accredited to IATF 16949 – the world’s foremost quality standard for the automotive industry.

MIG, TIG or Robotic?

We offer a range of metal fabrication and welding services based on our team’s extensive experience and modern equipment. Our highly qualified and experienced operators work in advanced, purpose-built welding bays and can undertake both large and small-scale projects. They are capable of many additional assembly processes, including spot welding, projection welding and nut welding. We can also provide finishing operations, using grinding and sanding techniques to ensure that your parts have the desired surface finish.

Learn more about the different types of resistance welding.

Cost-effective Processes

Newfield’s dedicated engineering team are able to select the most appropriate method to produce the part you require and are trained to follow the Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE) process. The technique allows them to significantly reduce the number of components in complex fabrications or minimise the number of required operations, using advanced bending to create a part without welding enables Newfield to offer the product at a more competitive cost.

Cost-effective Manufacturing

Our expert welders are also specialists in one-offs, prototypes and low-volume products, with a capacity for large fabrications up to 10 tonnes. For cost-effective manufacture, we minimise tooling and fixturing, instead relying on the experience and knowledge of our skilled welders to complete the parts to Newfield’s demanding quality standards. If the part is highly complex, then it may be necessary to use a fixture. Likewise, we are open to using a fixture if specifically requested by the customer or fabricating hand-built projects without one.

More Information

At Newfield, our investment in leading-edge equipment and our team’s dedication to quality provide exceptional versatility. Our welder’s skills are continually refined, and they can perform a variety of resistance welding jobs including spot welding, projection welding and nut welding.

Spot welding

Resistance spot welding (RSW) is a process in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat from an electric current. Workpieces are held together by two shaped copper alloy electrodes. The electrodes concentrate welding current into a small “spot” melting the metal to form a weld. At Newfield, we utilise pre-determined programmes that take into consideration material thickness, current, pressure and the duration of the process.

Projection welding

Projection welding is a modification of spot welding. In this process, the weld is localized by means of raised sections, or projections, on one or both workpieces. Heat is concentrated at the projections, which permits the welding of heavier sections or closely spaced welds. The projections can also serve as a means of positioning the workpieces. Projection welding is often used to weld studs, nuts, and other threaded machine parts to the metal plate. It is also frequently used to join crossed wires and bars. Multiple projection welds can be arranged by suitable designing and jigging.

Nut welding

Nut welding describes the projection welding process used to attach threaded nuts to a metal substrate. This is a projection weld because the nuts either have a partial or full ring projection or multiple corner edges cast a projection on the substrate. This is a very common form of welding in the automotive and appliance industries. At Newfield, we offer plate-to-plate welding as well as nut welding, stud welding and bolt welding using the several welding methods at our disposal.